• Looking for a Graphics Card?

    We have the list of the best ones in here!

  • Why Graphics Card is necessary?

    Can you do without it?


    It is needed to run High-end games with ease!

    Without a Graphics card, the rendering of the Textures and the realistic graphics won't come up.


    Every gamer wants to play games in high resolution and without any lag. Lag kills off the mood and is something everyone wants to avoid.



    No, you cannot do without a Graphics Card. It is necessary to run the modern games in High Resolution.

  • How to Choose a Graphics Card?

    Choosing a Graphics Card is simple. You gotta find the purpose! If you want a Graphics Card for Gaming, check out this article from Tech Compact. Link - http://techcompact.com/best-graphics-card-under-100/

    They have compared the Best Graphics Card under 100 Dollars which are suitable for high-end gaming.

    If you want to use these cards for Image/Video Editing or Animation, these same cards can help you out!

    How much to spend on a GPU?

    It totally depends on the purpose you're gonna use it for and also on your budget! If you want to make animations or want to play high-end games, you can get the graphics card suggested in the article we referred above!

  • Some of the Best GPUs in the Market!

    They are costly but they look beautiful!

    GeForce GTX 1080

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    This Card is the latest one launched by Nvidia and is so powerful that you can run Games in 4k HD!

    Quadro P6000

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    This one is also a great GPU. It can also run all the modern games in full resolution plus it is being used by Animators too!